Camille Home Decor

Interior decoration

          If you want to change the interiors of your apartment or house, we offer solutions which will help freshen up and rediscover your new (old) interiors.

Our service includes:

  • Consulting and advising on changes to be introduced
  • Proposal of interior decoration
  • Selecting decorations/accessories
  • Selecting furniture and appliances
  • Selecting finishing materials (e.g. paints, tiles, panels, carpets)
  • Selecting lamps
  • We offer assistance in buying the abovementioned styling elements or we can buy them for you.

If you don't want to hire a designer or decorator, we offer you consultation and assistance during the works. This is not that expensive and we will help you avoid many mistakes and save your nerves and time.

  • Each property is priced individually
  • The meeting is free and is not binding.

We can also prepare visualisation of the interior decoration.